Installation We custom design...

Your acoustic environment is determined by your building's design and interior.

Soundteks are able to design, install and commission audio and visual systems for many different environments, all with their own unique requirements.

Custom Cinema

From multi zoned AV systems to high level audio, a bespoke cinema solution to an integrated home control solution, careful product selection and cabling are essential to ensure as discrete an installation as possible, whilst still meeting the demanding challenges that are presented.

Whatever the requriement, our design and installation team have the experience and skills to design and carry out an installation that is second to none. Having worked with some of the leading audio manufacturers in the world, we have access to cutting edge products and technologies to ensure that there is no installation hurdle that can not be overcome.

We look at each project on an individual basis and apply original and innovative thinking to provide cost-effective, high performance, reliable solutions.

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