Noise Monitoring Environmental Surveys

Unwanted noise can be intrusive and a nuisance to neighbours of a specific indoor, or outdoor operation (e.g. place of worship, dance schools, live music venues, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, concerts, outdoor sporting or industrial operation)


The first step of treating a noise related problem is the undertaking of an environmental noise survey. This enables the appraisal of the background noise profile of the area under investigation. The results of the environmental noise survey would assist in setting a noise emissions criterion.

Soundteks have audio equipment which allows us to measure the source noise levels and with the data run a comparison against the background noise levels. From this data we produce a robust noise impact assessment which would be used by Local Authorities and Environment Health services in order to assist our clients through the planning process or aid in resolving any Environmental Health issues.

BS4142 provides a method that can be used to assess the potential impact of noise from commercial or industrial noise sources affecting residential properties.

BS8233 - Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings provides specific advice on the design of external facades of residential buildings to achieve acceptable noise levels in internal rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms.

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